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Nedra Russ

As a fine artist Nedra's series of paintings hang all over the world Above landscape has its home in Boca Raton Florida

Singer, Songwriter, Harmonica Nedra picked up a harmonica at an early age and just has never put it down. Her career, though, has gone into overdrive the last few years with international and widespread recognition. A student of renowned masters of the harmonica, Howard Levy, David Barrett, and Joe Filisko, this charming dynamo with a giant voice has harnessed the depth and the range of this small instrument to the pleasure of every audience, live or on the web, that has the privilege of hearing her. Nedra, an active member of SPAH (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) continues to perfect her chops through the educational opportunities afforded by this professional organization dedicated to nurturing excellence in players of this versatile instrument. Blues, gospel, pop, rock, Celtic, folk, country, Ned's harmonica sails all these musical seas, not to mention her imaginative and celebrated originals such as "Do Right," "1 More Kiss," Two Coins on the Counter," "Sunny Day Blues," and "Ramblin' Girl." Accomplished in SLS (Speech Level Singing), Nedra donates her time to the local youth in her rural home town, West Point, California, teaching singing and performance skills. In recognition of her selfless dedication to her beloved pupils, she was awarded the 2010 Teammagic award by the Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families. Standing only 4 foot 10 inches tall, this larger than life harmonica player is also a recognized artist, having her work in canvas, prints, and photography on display coast-to-coast. And, in truest blues tradition, she has paid her share of dues. An accident in 1992 resulted in a Near Death Experience that imbued Nedra with a profound spiritually-based appreciation of life.



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