Welcome to the home of Nedra Russ The Harmonica Lady. This site is set up to provide up to date information on show and works being made By Me Nedra.

Team Magic  

When working as a team magic leader it means being able to connect with the other people . I personally love when that happens! When working with Kids it is magic anyway making it very easy. When working with adults it can be more challenging as there are bad habits and sometimes ego in the way. I feel like with art it is a intuitive process any way so tuning in is important . We all have ideas to share and to grow with and from and it is great when the magic works.
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Previous events

Upcountry Holiday Fair

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Wendy Ward Studio, 22594 State Highway 88, Pioneer

Julio and Nedra well do some music and have our products on hand for sale along with other artist and vendors