Nedra Russ:

An accomplished and award-winning multimedia artist and musician, Nedra Russ is a vessel of creative energy drawing apon  Modern, Avant-garde and Traditional painters throughout history .

Nedra’s paintings and songs can be seen and heard across the United States and as far as Europe, Asia, and Australia 

Studied Art at Bavard College, Cocoa Florida, Sacramento City College Sacramento Ca.

Private teachers  Alice Frederick, Fran McKenny,  Lou Edwards, Brad Devaro and John Johnasen .

Owned and operated Nedra’s Fine art gallery in Amador City, CA, 

Earned a Certificate in Graphics Electronic Communication.

Following an intensive course of study, Nedra is now certified by the renowned Berklee School of Music as a Modern Musician Specialist with emphasis on Songwriting, Musicianship and Music Production.

Nedra Russ’s The Harmonica LadyTM line of jewelry features miniature, fully- playable harmonicas. Her designs earned her the distinction of being the very first HOHNER USA Juke Joint Representative accepted on the basis of artistic representation of the instrument. Since its founding in Germany in 1857, HOHNER has been crafting high-quality harmonicas and other musical instruments, including accordions, guitars, and mandolins, to name a few. 

Nedra is Creative arts and music teacher at Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth ad Family.

Also on YouTube and Facebook. 

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Previous events

ROOTS: A Black Heritage Art Show”

 —  —

Amador County Arts Council , 617 South CA-49 (Mother Lode Plaza), Jackson, CA 95642

During Black History Month, AmadorArts is proud to present “ROOTS: A Black Heritage Art Show”. This landmark exhibit will celebrate the contributions of Black Americans with a presentation of art and artistry by our fellow citizens. The celebration of art and culture in America recognizes the contribution of all our various citizens over the course of our history. Black History Month is an established, nationally recognized observance that honors the lives, experiences, and history of Blacks in America. For almost 50 years, it has reminded us of the extraordinary men and women who achieved incredible things often in the face of unimaginable injustice and inequality. All too often the contributions of Black Americans, as well as those of women and other marginalized groups, have been forgotten or purposely relegated into the obscurity of a lost history amid bigotry and discrimination. Since Africans arrived on the shores of North America some 400 years ago, they have made significant contributions to the American motif in various fields including art, music, science, politics, technology, geographic exploration and industry. Public reception 01/31/2020, free and open from 4-7pm. This reception will include music, snacks, and performance artists


 —  —

Calaveras Arts Council , 22 North Main St., San Andreas, CA 95249 209.754.1774

Start 2020 with love. Bring in art that explores and celebrates love. Love of life. Love of one special person. Love of animals. Love of family. Love of community. Love of state, country, planet, or even just love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Artist Reception

Let art help love fight hate, and make the world go 'roundReception ​February 13 ​5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Space to Create

With Nedra Russ

BMCYF is super excited to present our new after school program- Space to Create! Beginning Wednesday August 14th! With support from the California Arts Council and community donations we will offer free art activities two days per week at our Main Street Center.

Podcast                                               Come subcribe to my podcast all things creative   information music and much more!

Thank you Hohner

For donating to my students

"I Never Feel As Truly Alive As When I Play Music."

For generations, Hohner has dedicated everything towards music for a simple reason: Music is a way of life. In fact, you could say it’s the best way of life. People who aren’t into music simply don’t know what they’re missing. Of course we would say that, wouldn’t we? But like countless musicians all over the world, from beginner to professional, we feel so strongly about music that we want to help open the door to this experience to everyone. With instruments designed to convey the joy and the passion which inspires everybody to improve their skills and develop further.

We wouldn’t be where we are now, as world market leader for harmonicas and accordions, if it wasn’t for our passion and our shared commitment to our craft and the traditions which it has inspired. This is a defining element of the Hohner sound, a key to unlock the world of music. Our mission is to pass this passion on to you, with perfectly crafted instruments which enable you to truly Enjoy music.

Nedra and Julio

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  Here is a video I made
 Heart of gold.   
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